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Rebranding Beavers

A growing number of landowners have shifted their perception of how beavers can help protect the environment as the American landscape faces increased and intensifying drought, floods, and wildfires. Beavers can pool water during droughts to provide adequate water for cattle and, conversely, build a vast network of complex dams to protect crops from oversaturation. Their efforts reduce erosion, recharge groundwater, and sometimes pull carbon out of the atmosphere. The Bureau of Land Management has taken notice and is working with partners across the American West to build beaver-like dams. In Virginia, landowners are working to lure beavers to help clean water that flows into Chesapeake Bay. Read more HERE.


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Land’s Best Friend: Blueblood, Red Ticking

There’s no truer redcoat than the English coonhound. …

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Alta Luna Ranch

Alta Luna Ranch is encompassed in the beauty …

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