Yellowstone River Farm

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Miles City, Montana
Listing Brokerage/Firm/Agent
Peoples Company
Pricing & Acreage
$16 Million • 7,170 Acres

Property Description

The Yellowstone Farm Offering is located in Custer County less than nine miles northeast of Miles City, an eastern Montana town steeped in old west history that was once one of the main horse trading and livestock centers of the country. The farmed portion of the property consists of 3,290 acres m/l currently tilled with 2,700 m/l of those under irrigation. The ranch portion of the property consists of 3,881 acres m/l of grass lands suitable for summer and winter pasture. Approximately 85 percent of the farm has fencing in place enabling grazing at various times of the year.

A total of 29 newer, mostly Zimmatic pivots are irrigated via water rights included with the sale. The water rights are served from the Yellowstone River through both local irrigation districts and a newly reconstructed direct pumping site owned by the farm itself. Primary pipelines from the river, and a series of canals and inter-farm mainlines deliver water to all the irrigation systems.
With productive soils, robust water rights and newer irrigation infrastructure, this farm has supported numerous crops over the years including current primary crops such as soybeans, corn, alfalfa, sorghum/millet, triticale and wheat. Recent crop history has included safflower, pinto beans, sunflowers, chickpeas, barley, and seed potatoes. Further back in history sugar beets were produced on the farm. All of these combined characteristics, along with a location remote from other current seed producers, make this farm ideal for high value seed production and also for continued success in the feed and forage sector.

In addition to the farm and ranch perspectives of this offering, there are also more than two and a half miles of pristine Yellowstone River frontage offering excellent trophy fishing, big game, waterfowl and upland bird hunting opportunities. In fact, recreational use is so highly sought after on this property that the State of Montana currently has a lease in place with current ownership, at the highest value possible, to offer hunting and fishing opportunities to local sportsman.

Peoples Company

Adam Woiblet

(590) 520-6117 •


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