Land Report 100

The Emmersons

Rank: #1
Total Acres: 2,330,000
States: California, Oregon, Washington
  • Founded in 1947 by Red Emmerson and his father, Curly, the family’s Sierra Pacific Industries is now run by Red and his sons George, who serves as chairman, and Mark, who serves as CEO. Their sister, Carolyn Dietz, runs the Sierra Pacific Foundation.
  • The Emmersons became the nation’s largest private landowners in 2021 with the acquisition of 175,000 acres in Oregon belonging to the daughters of Aaron Jones.
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER Mark, Red, and George Emmerson at Sierra Pacific headquarters on the banks of the Sacramento River. Mark recently succeeded his brother as CEO. George now serves as chairman emeritus and president emeritus.

The roots of Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) date back to 1949 when Curly Emmerson and his son Red went into business together, leasing a small sawmill and forming a partnership. More than 70 years later, Red and his family are still in the forest products business – as the largest private US timberland owner and one of the largest US lumber manufacturers.

The Emmersons bought 120,900 acres during SPI’s first 40 years. The game changer was the 1988 acquisition of 522,000 acres from Santa Fe Southern Pacific in 1988. Four years later, the Emmersons acquired another 330,700 acres from Roseburg Forest Products. LR EndNote US




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