Bell 407GXi: Unparalleled Luxury Air Travel

Bell 407GXi: Unparalleled Luxury Air Travel

By Sue Mead

Photography By Gustav Schmiege III

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Published On: December 6, 20232.8 min read
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The Bell 407GXi has a rarified aviation pedigree, with both supersonic and agricultural bloodlines in its heritage.  Today’s buyers benefit from Bell’s iconic lineage and cutting-edge technology that is geared to get you directly from the office to the range—and help you skip the airport. We did—and learned that this lux-level flying machine has many charms that set it apart.

Utility and Comfort Combined

The Bell 407GXi offers big utility with an opulent cabin with seating for up to seven, plus room for extra cargo and gear.  Perfect for personal use and/or corporate needs, it’s fast and comfortable with a four-bladed, single turbine engine set-up that provides the power to achieve a smooth max speed of up to 160 mph with up to 400 miles of range. Both the eye-appealing exterior and the cabin can be customized with refined finishes, materials and equipment. Notable is the optional single-pilot IFR-capable platform that allows operations in low-visibility environments.

Revolutionize Short-Distance Travel

On journeys of less than 150 miles, many times the 407GXi can provide a quicker trip than a jet or turboprop. Its smooth, fast ride is the result of a four-bladed, composite rotor system coupled to a Rolls Royce turboshaft engine, allowing an impressive maximum range.  In addition to time savings, the 407GXi provides a much different perspective on seeing the country or your land. There is something novel and exciting about viewing a property from 300 feet to better understand wildlife behaviors, avoid a long, bumpy ride in a truck or to check out your neighbors.

The 407GXi complements its stablemates, the larger Model 429 and more diminutive 505, all produced and supported by the Bell Textron’s headquarters, in Fort Worth, Texas.  Each of these aircraft enjoys a robust aftermarket support network, providing technical assistance, spare part inventories, and a training infrastructure around the world.  Bell is just a dozen years shy of a century in the aviation business, providing rotorcraft and airplanes for commercial and government operators around the globe, so you can rest assured they know how to build a rugged, hard-working helicopter.

Escape Traffic, Embrace Time: Bell 407GXi Offers Effortless Travel & Different Pricing Options

Our friends at Bell tell us: “Cut out the painful, traffic-filled drive to the airport on each end of your journey and spend more of your precious time bird hunting with the kids or enjoying your family and friends.  Military aviators call this concept “runway independence” but we call it common sense.”

The 407GXi base price starts under $4 million, with a fully-loaded version coming in just under $5 million.  This upper price range will include extra options to allow flight in low-to-no visibility or “instrument flight rules” (IFR).

*Known as experts and pioneers in the aviation industry, Bell Textron Inc. is an American aerospace manufacturer headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.  (

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