Whitney Park Listed for $180 Million

William C. Whitney established the 36,000-acre Adirondack landmark in 1897. He paid $1.50 an acre for approximately 80,000 acres in and around the New York township of Long Lake. Socialite, philanthropist, and renowned Thoroughbred breeder Marylou Whitney inherited the estate in 1992. Whitney died in July 2019. Her husband, John Hendrickson, will be marketing the property himself. The estate encompasses 80 miles of roads, 22 lakes, and a trapper’s cabin that dates to the 1800s. With 17 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, Deerlands, Whitney Park’s main residence, rises above its setting along the shores of Little Forked Lake. At approximately $5,000 per acre, the wooded property also features a commercial timber operation. Bear, moose, deer, and bald eagles abound. Adirondack conservationists are calling on the State of New York to acquire the estate for preservation and recreational purposes.
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Photo Credit: John Hendrickson

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