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1.7 Million Acres of Eastern Timberland Trades for $1.8 Billion

The Forestland Group liquidated its 17-state portfolio of timberland properties for $1.8 billion. The 1.7 million acres were acquired by Blue Source Sustainable Forests Company, a joint venture with Oak Hill Advisors focused on forest acquisitions and sustainable forest management. Blue Source also entered into agreements to acquire an additional 200,000 acres of timberland managed by The Forestland Group. Ryan Dezember at the Wall Street Journal broke the story on November 2. Unlike the majority of industrial timberland in the US, The Forestland Group acreage and an additional 100,000 acres previously acquired will not be not be managed for lumber or for pulp production. Instead, the focus will be carbon markets. “We’re really going to be focused on forest health. We’re thinking about this in decades, not years,” Jamie Houston of Anew Climate told The Journal. Read more HERE.


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