Land Report April 2013 Newsletter

Land Report Newsletter April 2013It’s amazing – the yarns that can be shared about certain tracts of real property. Our April Newsletter takes a closer at several standout stories, including one that I am quite confident is destined to end up before the Supreme Court in a year or two. Why? The two states involved have been disputing their boundary for only the last 195 years.
Also in our April Newsletter you’ll find the story of an Oregon Senator who is considering a shift in federal management of certain timberlands. Meanwhile the Texas Legislature is currently embroiled in how best to combat the drought that has plagued much of the Lone Star State.
Last but not least, an uptick in the housing market has brought renewed activity to North American forests. Learn more as one of America’s largest landowners gears up for increased lumber sales.
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South Dakota Ranch Nets Record-High Price

A 50,000-acre ranch in Western South Dakota recently …

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Donates Water Shares to Great Salt Lake

To benefit the Great Salt Lake, The Church …

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