2015 Land Report 100: Lykes Heirs

2015 Land Report 100: Lykes Heirs


Published On: January 1, 20160.5 min read
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No. 12 Lykes Heirs

615,000 acres
From Florida orange juice to beef cattle in Texas, the Lykes family remains one of the most prominent agribusiness clans south of the Mason-Dixon line with a net worth north of $1 billion. Innovations with mechanical harvesters helped streamline operations at some 30,000 acres of Lykes Citrus groves, which produced more than 35 million gallons of orange juice. In addition to integrated cow-calf operations, Lykes Ranch also sets standards with its highly productive sugar cane and forestry programs.
Photo Credit: Lykes Citrus
Winter 2015 issue of The Land Report, featuring the 2015 Land Report 100 sponsored by Fay Ranches.

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