Lake Creek Ranch

Lake Creek Ranch

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Published On: May 22, 20242.5 min read
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Property Type: Ranchland
Price: $18,200,000
Location: Montell, TX
Acreage: 4,000 Acres

Lake Creek Ranch is an alluring western Hill Country ranch located in the beautiful Nueces River valley. The impressive 15 acre lake along with spectacular views, grand trees, extensive road system, and supreme privacy make it an ideal opportunity for anyone looking for a truly majestic retreat.


A short drive from the front gate at the base of one of the hills sits a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home with a nice concrete porch and driveway. Near the house is a 1500 s.f. barn with two roll top doors for parking vehicles or equipment, along with an open-air equipment barn. The perimeter of the ranch consists of both high and low fencing. The roadwork that has been done to the ranch is very impressive and allows access to both a variety of terrain and acreage. The highly improved road that runs along the hilltops makes enjoying the world class views on this ranch much easier.


The extensive amount of water on this property is highlighted by the 15± acre spring-fed lake which provides year-round activities and a beautiful setting. There are 15 known springs scattered throughout the property which feed many of the creeks, several of which have dams to create larger bodies of water. Along with Lake Creek, which the lake sits on, Blucher Creek and Honey Creek, there are a multitude of other unnamed creek drainages. One water well near the headquarters provides water to the house.


The terrain changes from flatter, usable land with deeper soils along the creek bottoms to mountainous topography which provides limitless breathtaking views. The elevation ranges from 1398 feet above sea level to 1972 feet above sea level, creating over 570 feet of elevation change. There is one large cave along with several other smaller ones on the ranch. There is a good mixture of hardwoods throughout this property including large Live Oak, Spanish Oak, Post Oak, Cedar Elms, and a particularly spectacular Pecan bottom along one of the creeks. The cedar has been selectively cleared in many areas allowing for the native grasses and other native vegetation to flourish.


The property has the water and vegetation to support the abundant native and exotic wildlife species present. The native game commonly found include White-tailed deer, turkey, dove, wild hogs and varmints. There are free roaming exotics present which include Axis, Sika, Fallow, Black Buck, and Aoudad. The Lake and several of the other bodies of water hold migrating waterfowl during the fall/winter months and provide great fishing for largemouth bass.

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