Sold! Kentucky’s Diamond Island

Sold! Kentucky’s Diamond Island


Published On: December 5, 20110.8 min read
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Located on the Ohio River approximately ten miles downstream from Henderson, Kentucky, Diamond Island sold for $6,166,028 by Kurtz Auction and Realty. The winning bidder was Mapleland Co., a local farm that plans to continue farming the property.

Estimated to be 1,468 acres, the historic Diamond Island includes a ferry barge, ferry landing site, and a grain bin complex on the other side of the river in Posey County, Indiana.

With its naturally fertile soil, Diamond Island has been used to produce corn and soybeans for decades. In addition to grain production, other potential income sources include oil, timber and hunting, as well as the leasing of docking rights to a barge company.

Owned by John H. Bower Heirs LLC, the heirs of John H. Bower, who with his brother was in the mule, land and timber business 100 years ago, the sale of this property marks the first time the property has changed hands in a century.

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