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2012 Land Report 100: King Ranch Heirs

2012 Land Report 100: King Ranch Heirs

No. 7 King Ranch Heirs

911,215 acres
King Ranch is a recognized leader in research projects involving agriculture as well as wildlife. On October 25 and 26, ranchers and landowners from across the U.S. will journey to South Texas to attend the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management’s annual Symposium on Excellence in Ranch Management. This year’s focus is “Water: Agricultural Challenges and Strategies for the Future.” King Ranch, the King Ranch Institute, and Deseret Ranches sponsored a “Ranching and Water Strategy” meeting earlier this year involving leaders in agriculture and ranching. The participants defined the issues, challenges, and potential actions that might be taken with regard to the defining challenge of the next decade: protecting landowners’ water rights for agriculture and other beneficial use.

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