2017 Land Report 100: King Ranch Heirs

2017 Land Report 100: King Ranch Heirs


Published On: March 29, 20180.9 min read
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NEIGHBORING. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, King Ranch South Texas employees spent two weeks assisting residents of hard-hit Rockport.

No. 9 King Ranch Heirs

911,215 acres
On August 25, the costliest hurricane in American history made landfall near Rockport, Texas. King Ranch was spared, but Hurricane Harvey took a terrible toll. In the days that followed, an overwhelming number of King Ranch employees expressed interest in assisting with relief efforts. Starting on Labor Day, King Ranch South Texas employees traveled to Rockport where they would spend two weeks helping to remove large fallen debris, recover sunken boats and cars in collapsed garages, and assist those who did not have the equipment, tools, or means to do so. King Ranch employees also served 2,000 hot meals to victims and volunteers. Virtually every operating segment of King Ranch South Texas contributed to this relief effort in coordination with local authorities in Rockport. Texans helping Texans — it’s the King Ranch way.
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