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Cumberland Plateau NFWF Announced $1.3 Million In Grants

States in which grants will be used include Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) grants target the restoration, enhancement, and protection of shortleaf pine, oak, and riparian forests. “More than two-thirds of the forests across the Cumberland Plateau are owned by families and individuals, making them crucial players in helping ensure healthy shortleaf habitat for wildlife,” says Tom Martin, president and CEO of the American Forest Foundation. “While these forest owners care about their land, they often face barriers when it comes to taking action to improve it,” Martin adds. “AFF is proud to support projects in this region that are helping family landowners get the assistance they need to make a positive impact on the land.” Birds like the northern bobwhite, prairie warbler, and Bachman’s sparrow, along with reptiles such as the flattened musk turtle, should directly benefit from the improvements.
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