Farm Losses Top $2 Billion

Farm Losses Top $2 Billion


Published On: June 3, 20190.8 min read
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The recent flooding that devastated farms in the Midwest continues to deliver economic blows, reports the Des Moines Register. Farmers are struggling not only with damaged crops and a massive cleanup but are also trying to reach fields and livestock on impassable roads and bridges. The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation’s Senior Economist, Sam Funk, estimates that farmers in the state will struggle to plant up to 145,000 flooded acres along the Missouri River. “This flood isn’t just bigger,” Funk said. “The effects will last longer. Long after waters recede, the sand and debris left behind must be cleaned up before planting.” And the equipment needed for that cleanup isn’t always readily available, a crucial detail when planting. Adding to the issue for farmers along the Mississippi River: possible flooding as the snowpack in Minnesota and Wisconsin begins to melt.
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