Sealed Bid Offering for Blue Berry Operation in Ottawa County, Michigan

Sealed Bid Offering for Blue Berry Operation in Ottawa County, Michigan

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Published On: January 1, 20242.2 min read
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Property Type: Farmland
Sealed Bid Deadline – January 31
Location: Ottawa County, Michigan
Acreage: 631 Acres

Available in its entirety or as two small tracts, the Blue Crop Group blueberry operation located in beautiful Ottawa County, Michigan, is to be sold via a One Chance Sealed Bid sale with bids due on Wednesday, January 31st by 4:00 p.m. Eastern. Less than five miles from Lake Michigan, this asset totals 631 acres and features multiple varieties of blueberry plantings with an emphasis on fresh fruit production.

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The operation also includes ample worker housing and a modern blueberry processing facility creating vertical integration and direct marketing opportunities for the landowner. The northern, lakeside location with proximity to densely populated cities allows for operators to expand their growing season to accommodate a full crop season and allows the landowner diversity to produce several high-dollar crops from blueberries to nursery and greenhouse plantings. Ample water paired with the climate has resulted in Ottawa County ranking #1 in Michigan for the market value of crops sold in Michigan according to the most recent USDA study.

Tract 1 – One of the Highest-Quality Fresh Fruit Blueberry Farms in the Area

Offering 1 consists of 374 acres with approximately 290 productive acres in four farms. Along with the productive plantings, this offering includes a packing facility, two single-family homes, a modern shop, and multiple worker housing spaces. This sought-after portfolio is one of the highest-quality fresh fruit blueberry farms in the area.

Tract 2 – Significant Opportunities for Future Development Value

Offering 2 consists of 256 acres with approximately 139 productive acres across six farms. Along with the productive plantings, this offering includes multiple worker housing spaces. This offering is split into smaller tracts creating significant opportunities for future development value.

The “Campfield Farm” consists of 70 total acres with 26 acres currently planted to blueberries and three worker housing structures. The berries planted are Blue Crop, Bluetta, Jersey, and Elliott Highbush, all with overhead irrigation.

The “Cranberry Farm” consists of 40 acres with over five acres planted to blueberries. The Blue Crop, Coville, and Elliot Highbush berries feature overhead sprinkler irrigation. Approximately 16 acres were previously planted to cranberries and could be converted as needed or kept, providing additional income.

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