Three Million-Acre Montana Grassland Reserve in the Works

Three Million-Acre Montana Grassland Reserve in the Works


Published On: October 31, 20130.8 min read
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Few land buys can equal the ambition and, at times, the controversy surrounding the American Prairie Reserve. The privately funded enterprise is more than a decade old with a growing list of philanthropist benefactors. The reserve itself now spans 274,000 acres of Montana’s native grasslands, home to some of the Great Plains’ most pristine plant and animal diversity. But the goal is much larger: to take ample adjoining federal land and stitch together a massive three-million-acre wildlife ‘complex,’ with wild bison at the hub of Prairie Reserve’s conservation wheel. The barbs directed toward the project echo many of the same complaints that accompanied the creation of some of America’s national parks and monuments. But interest continues in protecting what is for the most part an undisturbed, intact landscape for the enjoyment of future generations. Read more HERE.
Photo Credit: American Prairie Reserve

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