For Sale: Maine's Chadbourne Tree Farms

For Sale: Maine's Chadbourne Tree Farms


Published On: September 19, 20110.7 min read
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Chadbourne Tree Farms
Selected from what is undeniably one the finest white pine ownerships in the Northeast, Chadbourne Tree Farms is a 2,470-acre portfolio located in Western Maine near Bethel. The property consists of six tracts ranging in size from 111 to 687 acres, all well-stocked with timber. Collectively, it boasts an impressive 17,407 MBF of saw timber, more than half of which is white pine.
Total stocking averages 29 cords per forested acre with over 40 percent of sawtimber volume in trees 18 inches DBH and larger. In addition to its superb timber resource, the portfolio includes nearly three and a half miles of water frontage, most notably a mile-and-a-half stretch along a pristine 155-acre cold water trout pond. This superior timberland investment opportunity is poised for strong performance into the future. Priced at $5.9 million, Chadbourne Tree Farms is offered by

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