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Maine Goes Public on 10 Million Acres

Maine Forest
The last and largest contiguous block of forestland east of the Mississippi — more than 10 million acres — is up for grabs … at least as far as public policy goes. Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission is now holding public workshops, which will soon be followed by public hearings, which will then be used to develop a Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Pine Tree State. Get ready.
Maine’s North Woods is a national treasure. It boasts more than 3,000 lakes and ponds interspersed among 10-plus million acres of timber. Several top Land Report 100ers — including the Irving family (No. 3), the Pingree heirs (No. 6), and the Huber family (No. 10) — have substantial holdings in the region known as the Unorganized Territory. Needless to say, a long list of interested parties will want to have a say: landowners, timber industry representatives, conservationists, and developers.


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