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Sold! 1,675 Acre Citrus Grove

Nestled in Hendry County in South Central Florida, the 1,675-acre ranch is home to a large citrus grove that produces oranges, tangelos, and grapefruits. The property, on which sugarcane would also thrive, boasts improvements such as a substantial irrigation system along with water permits approved for the Southwest Florida Water Management District through the year 2029. The sale, which was brokered by Brian Beasley and Dean Saunders of SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate, comes at a fraught time for the Florida citrus industry, which has sustained heavy losses to citrus greening. This blight ranks as one of the most severe citrus plant diseases in the world according to the USDA. A threat since 1988 in the Sunshine State, the pernicious pest, known as the Asian citrus psyllid, chews on the leaves and stems of trees, infecting them with a bacteria that causes smaller and fewer fruit to grow. Scientists have yet to find a cure.
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