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Chinese Buy North Dakota Farmland Near Air Force Base

Three North Dakota landowners sold approximately 370 acres of farmland in the city of Grand Forks to a Chinese company. The Fufeng Group, an animal nutrition supplier, aims to build a large-scale corn milling plant on the land. While the property has easy access to highways and industrial facilities, it is also 20 minutes away from the Grand Forks Air Force Base. Although the proximity to sensitive military technology and communications has raised the concern of the US government, the sale also has its supporters. Gary Bridgeford, who sold his land for $2.6 million, says the air force base is not close enough for espionage. Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski projects the $700 million facility will bring more than 750 direct and indirect jobs. Security experts and members of the Grand Forks community remain cautious. The corn milling plant’s infrastructure is not expected to start construction until 2023. Read more HERE.



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