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Billionaires Pursue Cowboy Dreams

In 2007, the 100 largest private landowners in the country owned a combined 27 million acres of property. Today, that figure is 42.2 million. Like the overall real estate landscape, the luxury ranch market is booming, but with the volume turned all the way up. Near the center is Hall and Hall director Jim Taylor. In 2020, Hall and Hall completed $1 billion in sales. Courted by the country’s reported 735 billionaires (and those who aspire to be), Taylor traffics in big dreams fueled by John Ford Westerns, country music, and the myth of the pioneer.  It helps that large parcels of land help diversify a portfolio when the stock market takes a dip. Wyoming also has no inheritance, gift, personal, or corporate income tax. Taylor estimates that buyers will invest up to 10 percent of their net worth on a ranch. Still, the lure remains romantic. Read more HERE.


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