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Beaver Creek Golf Resort Sells for $2.5 Million

Sedona Vineyards LLC purchased the Beaver Creek golf resort, located 20 miles south of Sedona in Lake Montezuma, Arizona, for $2.5 million. Once a legendary getaway for the Hollywood elite during the Golden Age, Beaver Creek has been vacant since 2010. Listing agent Richard Chambers of Chambers Realty Group reported the property sold as a single tract and included a former 18-hole golf course, 108 acres of agricultural land with water rights, the original ranch house property, a 1,927-sq ft private residence, a clubhouse, and a three-acre commercially zoned parcel. Sedona Vineyards has not yet unveiled its plans for the property, but manager Douglas Edgelow said there are plans to convert part of the golf course into vineyards, reopen the restaurant, and create a wine tasting room. Read more HERE.


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