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USDA Investment in Organic Farming

Once upon a time, the term “organic” was applied to the diet of health food nuts. Today, annual sales of organic products in the US top $63 billion, roughly double the amount of a decade ago. Although organic production constitutes about 6 percent in overall food sales in the US, more than 80 percent comes from foreign producers. To shift more of that total to US farmers, the USDA has committed $300 million to recruit and support farmers willing to convert to organic practices. This includes $100 million toward technical training, $100 million to aid organic supply chains and develop markets, $75 million to support farmers who meet new conservation practice standards, and $25 million toward addressing insurance options. Proponents believe that the added value of organic crops is especially attractive to landowners with smaller tracts of land. Crops can only be considered organic if grown on land not treated with synthetic substances for three years. Read more HERE.


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