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Demand for Organic Surges

US consumers’ demand for authentic, certified organic produce shows no sign of slowing. Recent data released from the USDA’s 2021 Certified Organic Survey shows continued, strong demand for organic produce and meat, plus other farm commodities, including nuts, herbs, Christmas trees, flowers, and maple syrup. The report offers a telling snapshot of US organic market growth since 2008. In 2008, sales from US organic commodities topped out at $3.2 billion; in 2021, that figure had ballooned to $11.2 billion. Interestingly, the total US acreage certified as organic has remained relatively stable over the timeline captured between the two reports. In 2008, 14,540 certified organic or exempt farms operated across 4.1 million acres in the US. In comparison, the USDA’s 2021 report recognizes 4.9 million acres of US farmland as certified organic, across 17,445 farm operations. Read more HERE.


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