Resilient Montanans Rally Around Timber

Resilient Montanans Rally Around Timber


Published On: December 9, 20080.7 min read
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Worthwhile read in the New York Times today by Kirk Johnson for the National Desk. The focus of the article is less about timber or timberland as an investment and more about the Montana logging communities whose lifeblood has been altered by forces far from home, including the mortgage meltdown, climate change, and the drop in demand for  wood chips.
Since 2005, almost 20 percent of Montana’s lumber-mill jobs have been lost. Since then a coalition has banded together to sustain what’s left of Montana’s timber industry: state officials, business leaders, and environmentalists. It is this alliance, along with the state’s Congressional delegation, that is pushing for a timber component in the Obama Administration’s much anticipated stimulus package.
Read the complete article HERE.

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