Sold! Town of Tiller Sells

Sold! Town of Tiller Sells


Published On: December 17, 20180.8 min read
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A 257-acre assemblage comprising almost all of the Oregon timber town of Tiller sold in September. Garrett Zoller, ALC, of and LandLeader had the listings on the 29 different tax parcels, which were marketed for $3.85 million. News of the one-of-a-kind opportunity along the South Umpqua River in the southwest part of the state went viral last year. Zoller told The Land Report that potential buyers were swarming with ideas including converting the township into a cannabis farm, a senior care facility, or a homeless shelter. The backstory of the sale revolves around the Caswell family, who began patiently acquiring lots in the once-robust town in the 1970s. With 28 parcels in hand, the heirs decided to sell their holdings last year. Zoller also had the $350,000 listing on Tiller Elementary School, a 16,588-square-foot structure on 6.58 acres. — Kelly McGee

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