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Sold! Southfork Ranch of Dallas Fame

For fans of the 1980s CBS drama Dallas, the answer to the question “Who bought Southfork Ranch?” is sure to rank a close second to “Who shot J.R.?” According to reporting by Steve Brown in the Dallas Morning News, Centurion American Development Group recently acquired the 241-acre North Texas property, including the 5,900-square-foot white mansion that was home to the scheming Ewing family. Financial terms were not disclosed. Centurion American announced it will partner with the City of Parker in its development plans. Said CEO Mehrdad Moayedi, “Southfork Ranch is one of the most important and beloved parcels of land in the metroplex with more than 400,000 visitors each year, and we’re proud to lead the team bringing it into its next evolution.” Read more HERE.


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