Burger King Wins Dismissal of Vegan Lawsuit

Burger King Wins Dismissal of Vegan Lawsuit


Published On: September 2, 20200.8 min read
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US District Judge Raag Singhal tossed out a lawsuit that accused the fast-food giant of deception when it came to the preparation of its “Impossible Whopper.” A group of seven plaintiffs initiated the class action back in November. They alleged that Burger King hoodwinked customers into thinking its plant-based patties were cooked on separate grills, those specifically not used in the preparation of beef and chicken menu items. The suit stated that the wheat-and-potato-protein patties (produced by Impossible Foods) could become tainted with meat when cooked on the restaurants’ broilers. Burger King promised a non-meat patty and delivered,” Singhal wrote in his decision. He also noted the plaintiffs lacked evidence of their claims. Burger King has repeatedly denied any deception in advertising, adding that it never described the burgers as vegan or vegetarian. Burger King refers to the “Impossible Whopper” as plant-based.
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