San Angelo Sells 864 Acres for $1,500 per Acre

San Angelo Sells 864 Acres for $1,500 per Acre


Published On: April 23, 20200.6 min read
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San Angelo sold 846 acres of the Ford Ranch for $1.296 million to a pair of limited liability corporations. According to the conditions of the sale, San Angelo retains 50 percent of the property’s mineral rights along with all rights to the 2,000-foot-deep Hickory Aquifer, a key source of groundwater for the city. Those water rights were acquired by the city in 1971 from the heirs of G. Rollie White, a widely-respected Texas A&M alumnus. In 2015, San Angelo began pumping groundwater from the aquifer and transporting it some 62 miles to the municipality via pipeline. In July 2019, the entire 32,841-acre ranch was listed with King Land & Water for more than $52 million. Read more HERE.

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