Facebook CEO Drops Legal Action Against Native Hawaiians

Facebook CEO Drops Legal Action Against Native Hawaiians


Published On: February 13, 20171 min read
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While attempting to clean up the title on parcels within his 700-acre Kauai estate, Mark Zuckerberg ran into a public relations buzz saw. Zuckerberg’s counsel attempted to use a legal maneuver called “quiet title and partition” to determine ownership of kuleana landholdings dating back to the 1800s. According to Zuckerberg, “There aren’t always clear records, and in many cases descendants who own .25% or 1% of a property don’t even know they are entitled to anything. To find all these partial owners so we can pay them their fair share, we filed what is called a ‘quiet title’ action. For most of these folks, they will now receive money for something they never even knew they had. No one will be forced off the land.” One of the owners of the land in question — Carlos Andrade — joined Zuckerberg as co-plaintiff. The retired 72-year-old University of Hawaii professor said sorting out ownership issues was far too costly for individuals to undertake themselves. However, the legal action was poorly received, and Zuckerberg announced he will pursue an alternative approach.
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