Farmland Values Remain Robust

Farmland Values Remain Robust


Published On: November 27, 20180.8 min read
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Surveys in Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa show strong, steady farmland values according to Successful Farming. An overall trend that supports the surveys’ findings is that when land comes available in today’s market, farmers have proven to be aggressive bidders. One theory is that during the peak in prices in 2014, many farmers saved their money to increase future purchase power, and they feel the time is right to add to their holdings. In addition, while prices are steady, they are down 15 percent to 30 percent from the highs of five years ago, which makes today’s prices seem attractive. Add in historically low interest rates with low supply and high demand, and buyers are ready to snap up newly available farms. Another factor? An increasing global population needs more food – and farms that produce crops.
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