Jordan Winery Commits to Sustainability

Jordan Winery Commits to Sustainability

Published On: March 27, 20231.9 min read
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Jordan Vineyard and Winery, a renowned 1,200-acre estate in California wine country, has announced a series of hikes to honor Earth Week 2023.

Environmental commitment

The scheduled daily hikes give visitors an opportunity to explore the Sonoma County estate. There, they can learn more about its sustainable winemaking practices, which include a focus on achieving carbon neutrality and adopting environmentally friendly farming techniques.

“The Jordan team carefully considers the impact that every winemaking and business decision has on native ecosystems, along with our greater carbon footprint,” said a winery spokesperson.

Sustainably produced wines

A certified sustainable vineyard and winery, Jordan Winery’s eco-conscious farming practices include targeted irrigation for water conservation, careful monitoring of soil moisture and nutrient levels, and practices to support the life cycles of beneficial insects and animals on the property.

Deeply committed to clean energy, Jordan Winery derives roughly 70 percent of its electricity from hillside solar arrays on its property.

“The energy garnered from the winery’s solar panels equates to saving nearly 55,000 gallons of gasoline or the equivalent to the carbon sequestered in 580 acres of forest land,” a winery spokesperson said.

Supporter of native habitats

To encourage beneficial insects and other natural predators — which help keep harmful pests at bay — the winery maintains large swaths of natural habitats around its vineyards. In fact, 75 percent of the winery’s 1,200 acres is natural landscape.

In addition to its grape vines, the property is also home to a 2-acre estate garden, which produces fresh fruits and vegetables for on-site dining, and 8 acres of dedicated pollinator gardens that serve as way stations for area bees and butterflies. The property’s two lakes provide a key water source to native birds, bats, and other mammals.

Jordan Vineyards is home to a wide range of native species, including four different species of heron, quail, hawks, black-tailed rabbits, deer, coyote, jackrabbits, and turkeys. At times, visiting golden and bald eagles can be seen on the property.

About Jordan Winery

Jordan Winery is owned and operated by John Jordan, whose parents founded the winery in 1972. In addition to being a Certified California Sustainable Vineyard & Winery, Jordan is also Fish Friendly Farming, Fish Friendly Ranching, and Bee Friendly Farming certified. Learn more about the vineyard’s sustainability certifications and awards on its blog. LR EndNote US

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