Land’s Best Friend: Puppy Training

Land’s Best Friend: Puppy Training


Published On: August 6, 20151.4 min read
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Follow this proven path and a great pup will be yours.

Since you’ve followed my advice in “Start Your Puppy off on the Right Paw” (The Land Report, Spring 2015), your pup is sleeping all night in her crate and standing at the back door when she’s ready for a potty break. Likewise, she knows her name, comes when called in the house and yard, and yields to a leash.
Time to learn “Sit/Stay.” After a bit of play time, calm your pup with some sweet talk and gentle petting. Now take her gently by the collar and say “Sit.” Lift her head as you push her butt to the floor with the other hand. Hold her in that position as you repeat “Sit” several times in a firm, even voice. She may struggle. Hold her for about 10 seconds; then release her with “Right on!” Love her up.
Repeat, repeat, repeat, but not all at once. A half dozen or so lessons per day, when convenient, will soon have her plunking her butt on command. Now add “Stay.” After she sits, keep one hand on her as you back away, repeating “Staaaay.” If she moves, put her back in place. Keep at it until you can snap on a six-foot lead and back away while she sits. After half a minute, say “Come,” and make a huge fuss over her.
– End every session on a positive note.
– Incorporate training into your daily routine.
– Make your pup stay for more than a minute.

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