Monsanto Seeks to Have $289 Million Verdict Thrown Out

Monsanto Seeks to Have $289 Million Verdict Thrown Out


Published On: October 9, 20180.7 min read
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In September, the company asked to have the landmark verdict set aside (or the award reduced) in the case brought by California school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson. Johnson alleged that the glyphosate in weed killers like Roundup and Ranger Pro gave him non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bayer, Monsanto’s parent company, saw its stock slide significantly after the August verdict. Monsanto said in its Tuesday filing that the jury’s decision wasn’t based on evidence, citing a 2017 EPA report that glyphosate was not a likely carcinogen. Johnson’s case was fast-tracked due to the severity of his cancer, and the company faces about 8,000 similar cases across the country. A hearing on Monsanto’s motion is scheduled for October 10.
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