Moore Family Negotiates Conservation Easement

Moore Family Negotiates Conservation Easement

Published On: June 15, 20220.7 min read
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Colorado couple Tom and Carolyn Moore bought property on McLain Flats Road near Aspen that had a modest house but majestic red barn in 1996. Nearly three decades later, the Moores’ history of generous land donations from public schools to affordable housing has culminated in a deal to protect their land.

Pitkin County offered the Moore family $10 million for the outright purchase of 95 acres west of McLain Flats Road, as well as a conservation easement for 135 to 177 acres east of the road. Per the deal, Pitkin County will indefinitely protect the 95 acres; 15 of those acres are irrigated lands. The Moores will remain on the 135 acres easement in a new home, alongside their historically designated ranch house and barn. The Moores and extended family own an additional 42 acres that may also be included in the easement, but if they are not, the price will drop to $9 million.

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