More on Yellowstone Club Bankruptcy

More on Yellowstone Club Bankruptcy


Published On: December 3, 20080.8 min read
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It wasn’t two years ago that every media outlet known to man was clamoring over one another to give more column inches to the biggest, gawdiest monstrosity in the West: the Yellowstone Club’s record-breaking $155-million home. Though we’ve banged the drum on many an occasion, I’m pleased to say The Land Report did not jump on that bandwagon. But we readily admit to watching the feeding frenzy as those same news channels cover the demise of the elite enclave, including these two incisive reports.
The New York Times has been regularly reporting on the Yellowstone Club, and this weekend it continued its coverage with an article that gives a more regional perspective on the boom-and-bust cycle surrounding the entire enterprise. It’s especially worthwhile to notice that the writer picked up on several of the other recent resort bankruptcies, including one we covered: Park City’s Promontory Club.

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