Nation’s Largest Retailer Creates End-to-End Beef Supply

Nation’s Largest Retailer Creates End-to-End Beef Supply


Published On: July 2, 20190.8 min read
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Walmart’s first foray into the beef industry follows a nationwide trend toward transparency in the food supply chain. The Bentonville, Arkansas-based behemoth announced plans to source much of the Black Angus cuts it sells in 500 stores across the Southeast directly from ranches. “As clean labels, traceability, and transparency become more and more important to customers, we’ve made plans to enter into the beef industry, creating an unmatched system that allows us to deliver consistent quality and value,” said Walmart’s Scott Neal. The move will spur the creation of 250 new jobs at Creekstone Farms’ beef processing plant in Kansas with 200 additional new positions in Georgia at a case-ready facility. “This will provide many opportunities for the agriculture community to include farmers, ranchers, and cattlemen alike,” said Francois Leger, president and CEO of FPL Food, tapped to run the Georgia facility.
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