California’s Pitchfork Cattle Company Goes to Contract in 30 Days

California’s Pitchfork Cattle Company Goes to Contract in 30 Days

By Corinne Gaffner Garcia

Pitchfork Ranch,


Adjudicated water rights and 440 acres of irrigated meadows were two of the standout features of the $3.25 million listing.

Published On: March 3, 20241.8 min read
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California’s 1,459-acre Pitchfork Cattle Company Ranch was snapped up just 30 days after coming to market. The $3.25 million Plumas County listing included 440 acres of irrigated meadows as well as adjudicated water rights.

Pitchfork Cattle Company

Located near Vinton, California, the Pitchfork Cattle Company Ranch was founded by Joseph and Esther Goss in the early 1950s. Five generations of Gosses have built the reputation of the family’s distinct pitchfork-branded Hereford cattle and sheep. Draft horses are another important component of the Pitchfork legacy. But with the passing of David Goss (1940–2020), the family decided it was time to find a new steward.

Pitchfork Cattle Company Ranch was listed as a turnkey working ranch. The listing included a 2,614 square-foot traditional ranch home; 440 acres of irrigated meadows, grass, hay, and pasture; hay barns, a saddle barn, corrals and other outbuildings; fencing and cross-fencing, a loading chute, and riding pen.

“It’s a historical ranch that’s very well known in cattle and sheep industry. Everyone knows the Pitchfork from the draft horses that they brought to shows,” says listing broker Todd Renfew with California Outdoor Properties.

The prime location sweetened the deal. Pitchfork Cattle Company Ranch sits an hour north of Truckee and the world-class ski resorts and water sports located in and around Lake Tahoe.

New Ownership

The new owners are approaching the alpine property from an investment standpoint. They intend to continue the Pitchfork’s legacy as a working ranch. “They love the area,” Renfew says. “It’s an investment, but they will probably use it recreationally, and there’s been talk of an easement.”

They buyers have also committed to letting Doris Goss, 82, continue to live right on the ranch. David Goss’s widow has spent 53 years on the property. She will continue to do so along with her 24-year old cutting horse and 50 or so sheep.

“She’ll pay a fair rent, and her grandchildren will help her out,” Renfew says. “Once in a while, good things like that happen.”

Pitchfork Ranch

Since the 1950s, the Pitchfork has been known for sheep, cattle, and draft horses.

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