Private Landowners Facilitate Expansion of Yosemite

Private Landowners Facilitate Expansion of Yosemite


Published On: October 25, 20160.9 min read
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Robin and Nancy Wainwright shunned a lucrative offer for 400 acres on the western edge of Yosemite National Park and instead sold Ackerson Meadow to the Trust for Public Land for $2.3 million, which donated the land to the National Park Service on Sept. 7. “To have that accessible by everyone to me is just a great thing,” Wainwright said. “It was worth losing a little bit of money for that.” The meadow was acquired with $1.53 million in funding from The Trust for Public Land and $520,000 from the nonprofit Yosemite Conservancy with additional support from National Park Trust and American Rivers. “Donating the largest addition since 1949 to one of the world’s most famous parks is a great way to celebrate the 100th birthday of our National Park Service and honor John Muir’s original vision for the park. We are delighted and proud to make this gift to Yosemite and the people of America,” said Will Rogers of The Trust for Public Land.
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