Sold! Landmark 2,410-acre Red Hills Wild Quail Plantation Sells

Sold! Landmark 2,410-acre Red Hills Wild Quail Plantation Sells


Published On: June 19, 20190.9 min read
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Florida’s Valhalla Plantation boasts significant higher and better use potential.

A historic plantation founded in 1824 and later owned by a Winn-Dixie heir sold for $13.6 million after several years on the market. Originally part of the renowned Chemonie Plantation, Valhalla Plantation includes a lakefront main lodge and horse stables with 11 stalls. Seller Arthur Cahoon, founder and CEO of Rock Creek Capital, invested seven figures in these improvements along with restoring the wild quail habitat. Plus, he installed high fencing that spans the western edge. “When looking for an A+ area for wild quail in the Southeast and a great way to store wealth, this is one of the finest,” said Erica Kohler of Jon Kohler & Associates, who represented the seller. Added her husband, Jon: “This one was special for me. When I was studying real estate more than 30 years ago at Florida State, the plantation had just sold. The day I heard about the sale, I knew this was the type of property I wanted to specialize in.
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