Sold! New Mexico’s Great Western Ranch

Sold! New Mexico’s Great Western Ranch


Published On: July 30, 20150.7 min read
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One of the most iconic properties to come to market in the last decade, the Great Western is a world unto itself: 53 miles east to west and 26 miles north to south. All told, the Great Western encompasses 176,805 deeded acres and 115,974 acres of state and federal leases, a total of 292,779 acres. That’s more than one-third the size of Rhode Island.
Says Listing Broker Jeff Buerger of Hall and Hall, “The value of this particular ranch is directly tied to its rarity. Great Western Ranch is multi-dimensional in nature. It possesses and/or offers a viable livestock operation, significant hunting income, and sustainable wildlife habitat. The ranch is extremely diverse. Ranches like this simply don’t come around that often. That’s one of the reasons it sold within eight months of being brought to market.”

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